SpeakData – with you every step of the way

Customer Data Strategy

Maximise your advantage with an actionable customer data strategy

Customers are your beating heart. Their data is your lifeblood. Don’t waste that advantage on poor planning. Our data strategies support both your existing systems or with our own solutions, creating the foundation for world class data driven customer experiences.

Whatever your business, we know how to unlock your data. We’ll listen to you and your customers, and build you the strategy you need, without jargon, mystery or complexity.

Customer Data Platforms

Unify you data from all your customer touchpoints to build world class customer experiences

Unlock the door to unified data with Tealium, one of the world’s leading customer data platforms.

In a commoditised world, delivering the right experience at the right time through the right channel is king – and smart businesses know data is the key. it all starts with data, knowing what your customers expect, treating them to the experiences they deserve, and delivering the value you need.

Bringing your customer data together gives your customers the value they deserve and lets your business unlock its hidden potential of data.

Invest your time and energy where it should go – in building world class data driven experiences for your customers.

Data Driven Marketing

Connect the power of your customer data to marketing automation and adtech platforms

Deliver effective and time-saving automated marketing, driven by accurate first party customer data. SpeakData works with your in-house or agency teams to create always-on automated marketing programs you can rely on.

Identify and activate dynamic customer segments in multiple channels at once by pushing the right data into your marketing automation and adtech platforms in real time. Now you can finally get your paid media campaigns in sync with your email/txt campaigns. Perfect for acquisition, onboarding, engagement and retention programs.

Set up programs yourself on the data we provide. Or let us manage the tricky stuff. We partner with leading automation providers such as Marketo, Active Campaign and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to provide you with lead scoring, automation logic, segmentation and web tracking. 

Data Science and Predictions

Optimise your results with data driven algorithms to get the right message to the right customer – every time

Effective marketing isn’t just about the message. It’s all about the relevance. Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time or they will switch off. Use the power of machine learning predictions and recommendations to understand your customers’ needs, and act on them, in real time! Our smart algorithms will get the right message or content to them just when they want it.

Maximise the impact of your marketing efforts with best in class prediction and recommendation algorithms. Let us do the heavy technical lifting so your marketing team can get back to what they do best – marketing.

Business Intelligence

Using your data to create insights to drive your business

Every business needs clarity in its business intelligence. And clarity needs data, and data needs to tell a story. Unleash the visual potential in your data and give your organisation the confidence it needs with an end-to-end approach to data management, business intelligence and analytics.

Whether it’s Tableau, Google Data Studio or Power BI, we’ve got the smarts and tools to make your data sing.

APIs and Integrations

Connect your data with the power of APIs

Interconnectedness is at the heart of data first businesses. Whether it’s reconfiguring your own data storage needs, creating APIs to deliver data into a new platform, or connecting you with a range of specialist partners, SpeakData has the depth of engineering experience to make your data flow seamlessly.