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At SpeakData we treat your customer as ours.

In an increasingly commoditised marketplace, good marketing is essential. Great is even better. These days great marketing is more than smart copy, a snappy concept, or a mind blowing creative. Now it’s all about the experience. Your customers expect
and demand it. And at the heart of world class experience lies data. Good data – joined up data, data you can trust.

That’s where we come in. Our smarts unite first party data from across your business – web, digital, retail or back end operational data – it’s all the same to us. Eliminating data silos with best in class data and information management platforms, we help you deliver truly personalised communications and experiences to your customers. Just like we would if they were ours.

We’ve been at this for a while now. Between our founders Paul and Frane, there’s not much we haven’t seen. There’s almost fifty years’ experience between us, across direct and database marketing, and with both agency and brands. We’re backed by one of the smartest data teams in the business, offering everything from data architecture and strategy, through to analytics implementation and campaign delivery.

We’re good at what we do, good in a way our clients like and respect. That’s because we really care about our customers, and their customers too. Truth is, life’s too short for bad marketing, especially today when data can be your guide. Even if you can’t figure out what your data is saying, SpeakData can. It’s how we know what your customer needs, and help you give them what they want.

With 20 years experience in helping deliver innovative digital sales and marketing solutions, and a focus on turning your customer data into competitive advantage, We will help you find you the right solution for your business.

Paul Hickey

Managing Director

Frane Karaman

Technical Director

Trust is earned not given. Privacy and security matter.

SpeakData provides world class data protection for you and your customers with ISO 27001 accreditation.

With data and privacy concerns growing by the day, it’s never been more important for customers to trust an organisation’s security of their personal data.

Smart use of customer data gives you a competitive edge, laying the foundation for valuable and long lasting customer relationships. So having a data partner that can provide clarity and comfort around data security and privacy is absolutely essential to your long term success.

That’s why SpeakData is ISO 27001 certified. ISO27001 is the leading international certification for information security, providing a framework for managing and protecting our information procedures and assets. Being certified means you have the peace of mind that you ‘re working with a partner that meets the highest international standards for information management. Don’t settle for anything less.

Award Winning Team

There’s a reason why our work is well recognised.

Our diverse and well qualified team bring expertise in business driven insights and consulting. Our delivery capability includes Data Analysts, BAs, Engineering, Project Managers and Developers. And, we have specialists in Tealium, Marketo, Tableau and AWS. Meaning we can fill a gap or provide a full end-to-end project.


Success is a long game in data-driven marketing.

So it’s always nice to be recognised when it all comes together for our clients. SpeakData has picked up no less than 32 NZ Direct Marketing awards for our work on NZ Cricket in 2014 and 2016, the World Masters Games 2017 and Education NZ in 2018, when our partnership completely dominated, taking out the Grand Prix Award, Nexus Supreme Award, 5 Golds and 3 Silvers. Take a peek at our case studies to see how SpeakData helped achieve this long list of gongs – and imagine what they could do for your brand.

2018 NZDM Awards – Education NZ

Grand Prix Award
Nexus Supreme Award
Nexus Gold – CRM & Data Management
Nexus Gold – Strategic Vision
Channel Gold – Customer Experience
Channel Gold – Campaign Website
Craft Gold – Excellence in Data Strategy
Industry Silver – Govt & Public Sector
Craft Silver – Excellence in Personalisation
Nexus Silver – Innovation

2017 NZDM Awards – World Masters Games

Nexus Supreme Award
Nexus Gold – CRM & Data Management
Industry Gold – Travel & Leisure
Channel Gold – CRM Multi Channel
Channel Gold – Email Marketing
Craft Gold – Excellence in Data Strategy
Craft Gold – Excellence in Strategy
Nexus Bronze – Strategic Vision
Channel Silver – Email Marketing
Channel Silver – Direct Response

2016 NZDM Awards – NZ Cricket

Industry Gold – Travel & Leisure
Channel Gold – Best Loyalty Programme
Channel Gold – Email Marketing
Craft Gold – Excellence in Data Strategy
Craft Gold – Excellence in Strategy
Nexus Bronze – CRM & Data Management
Nexus Bronze – Strategic Vision

2014 NZDM Awards – NZ Cricket

Industry Silver – Travel & Leisure.
Channel Silver – Email Marketing.
Nexus Bronze – CRM & Data Management.
Nexus Bronze – Media and/or Channel Utilisation.
Craft Bronze – Excellence in Data Strategy.