Ministry of Education

Analysing teacher demand and supply.

Since 2013 SpeakData has been helping Ministry of Education staff resonate with the education sector about managing supply and demand of teachers in state schools. They need enough teachers to meet the needs of Kiwi kids, but not train more new teachers than there are jobs available.

By crunching, analysing and presenting the long-term patterns in 17 years of workforce data from the largest payroll in the southern hemisphere, SpeakData enabled MoE staff to discover what’s really causing any imbalances between teacher supply and demand and confidently forecast supply and demand metrics decades into the future.

Armed with solid evidence, presented via user-friendly dashboards and documents, they are able to present persuasive arguments to cabinet ministers, policy makers, unions and other stakeholders about key workforce segments, such as principals, new teachers, Maori language teachers, pre-retirement teachers, relievers and more. This is helping the entire education sector to move forward and make better decisions for the future of our schools.

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