Designing a digital health revolution.

“I have worked with SpeakData, both in my current and previous roles. I have no hesitation in recommending the team for data integration and marketing automation projects.”

“The team has real depth across the spectrum of services required to enable effective relationship marketing activities. They have the strategy skills, analytics/machine learning, and also the engineering skills required to realise the vision of digital transformation in modern businesses.”

“Finding this rare mix of skills across the continuum is quite a challenge. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the SpeakData team.”

Hamish Franklin
Executive Integrated Care Green Cross Health

Green Cross Health

Designing a digital health revolution.

Green Cross Health is a leading primary health care provider in NZ, with over 330 community pharmacies (Unichem & Life Pharmacy), nearly 50 medical practices and provides home healthcare services to over 19,000 New Zealanders. The group is currently going through a data driven comms revolution as it seeks to persuade its database of over 1.2 million customers and patients to adopt healthier behaviours and attitudes.

SpeakData is in the thick of the action, building an enterprise-level data hub to import and combine medical, pharmaceutical, retail and digital engagement data into one of the most powerful and secure healthcare databases in the country.

On top of that, we’ve developing a range of digital services, marketing automation and applications designed to help individual patients remember to take their medications, pick up their prescriptions, access information and coaching on their particular condition and receive targeted loyalty offers on the products and services that suit them best.

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