A roadmap to whole of business analytics

“SpeakData handled the design and deployment of our marketing data warehouse in a very professional manner. Connecting to a multitude of operational data sources, the system collects and optimises data seamlessly into our analysis warehouse hosted in AWS.”

“We are now able to use Tableau to deliver great reports for a wide range of business units. SpeakData, working under the supervision of our internal IT department, collect and move a large amount of commercially sensitive data daily and have done so with professionalism.”

David George
Customer Data Manager, Digital & Direct Marketing The NZ Automobile Association

AA Data Hub

A roadmap to whole of business analytics.

AA is one of the most trusted and recognised institutions in NZ. They have grown from a pioneering automobile club to an organisation that offers motoring advice, insurance, finance, travel services and a range of vehicle services for the government. But its many business units have a variety of ownership structures and information systems that have made it impossible for AA Corporate to get a holistic customer view across the organisation.

In order to extract useful data intelligence, AA hired SpeakData in 2014 to build an enterprise-level data hub (on AWS) that integrates customer and member information across the group into a corporate business intelligence platform run by AA analysts.

Nearly 3 years later, the AA’s corporate reporting dashboards are subscribed to (and paid for) by hundreds of business unit managers across the organisation. SpeakData meanwhile continues to add value as we tackle the huge challenge of integrating one of the biggest loyalty databases in the country, AA SmartFuel, into the system.

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