How to Get Buy-in for a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Learn the strategies to get cross-functional buy-in from the start.

Each team in your organisation could have different opinions about what a CDP is and what it can do, so it’s important for the cross-functional stakeholder or team responsible for it to have a single, clear vision (with executive sponsorship) that will move the purchase process and implementation forward.

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Read this eBook to unlock access to proven tips for buying a CDP, including how to:

  • Avoid two of the most common wrinkles in the CDP buying process
  • Get buy-in with a foundational use case
  • Nail the RFP with 7 proven tips
  • Achieve buy-in at the C-level and create cross-functional buy-in during the purchase process

This ebook will provide the strategies for getting cross-functional buy-in to your CDP project from the start.

“Getting everyone on the same page is tough. This is a great resource to start aligning your business if you are contemplating a CDP.” PAUL HICKEY, SPEAKDATA MANAGING DIRECTOR

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