A First-Party Data Strategy Takes the Cake

Be empowered by the loss of third-party cookies when you adopt a first party data strategy.

Within the next two years it is estimated that 86% of browser traffic will no longer be supported by third-party cookies. For years, companies have used third-party cookies to track and understand buyer behaviour online. Now, amidst privacy concerns and regulatory laws, marketers now face data deprecation and may face challenges ahead without a solution in place

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So what exactly is the industry moving towards?

The first step in combating third-party cookie loss is shifting to a first-party data strategy. Read our latest ebook, First-Party Data Takes the Cake, to learn how to use the data you obtain directly from customer relationships — instead of buying it from a third-party — to continue tracking and targeting customer behaviour effectively, to provide the best customer experience (CX) possible, and to future proof your targeting strategies.

Read it today to:

  • Learn key differences between first, second, and third-party data

  • Understand the benefits of centering your CX strategy around first-party data

  • Prepare to get the right tech in place for 2022                          

  • Leverage 4 strategic steps in creating a first-party data strategy

“The loss of third-party cookies, is creating the opportunity for companies to look at how they unlock the power of their first-party data.”


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