2021 State of the CDP Report

How customer data platforms (CDPs) are helping marketers adapt to key challenges in 2021

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This report surveyed 300 marketers in the US across five major industries with the goal of developing a better understanding of the current and future state of CDPs.

The findings revealed why CDPs were central to solving the challenges of 2020, including reduced budgets, new data privacy legislation, sudden digital acceleration due to COVID-19, as well as pending third-party cookie loss.

Get this research report to discover:

  • Why CDPs have become vital to marketing success
  • Six ways marketers are adapting to change with a CDP
  • How to find a CDP that makes integration easy
  • Three important factors to help you quantify CDP ROI
  • Why data privacy and compliance continue to be a top priority

“2020 was a turbulent year for many reasons. This report looks at all those events and how marketers adapted and are continuing to adapt with a CDP.” PAUL HICKEY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SPEAKDATA

SpeakData is Tealium’s New Zealand Customer Data Platform implementation partner.

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